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Originally Posted by melskids View Post
I am alone with 6 kids too.

How many infants usually, though?

I think that is what really keeps me from pursuing this full force.... I usually have between 1 and 3 at a time.

My problem was not so much the writing on walls (washable paint) but demolition in general. Papers tossed/crumpled/torn/shredded, crayons snapped in half/thrown/stomped/eaten, and markers taken apart/chewed.

I take 3 steps towards the baby area, enter the diaper changing area and all double hockey sticks breaks loose.... My clients do NO art with their kids....they feel that is what they pay ME for. It is an uphill battle.

I will have to incorporate it for ratings very soon, though. I just got the "warning shot" email saying 2013. I will be following this stuff like a hawk.

It is HARD for old dogs to learn new tricks.... I AM trying, though. If you know some great "starter" art stuff...PLEASE tell me about it.

Edit: For ALL 2 and under.
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