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Originally Posted by BigMama View Post
I have a an art area in the playroom. Crayons, markers, scissors, pastels, hole punchers, glue bottles, glue sticks, white paper, colored construction paper, colored pencils, play dough and accessories, and a divided tray of collage materials are open every day. My easel is set up with paint and paper every day too.
I introduce the art area early. I fingerpaint with them at 6-7 mos. and let them scribble with crayons. I do let them tear and crumple paper but sometimes I tape the paper to the table so they can paint or draw without tearing it up. My easel is low enough that the little ones can help themselves. I've never had anyone go around and paint furniture (one did bend down and paint the floor) but if they start to walk away I just redirect them. Another kind of "introductory" activity for the little ones is to gather a basket of collage materials (feathers, craft sticks, pieces of tissue paper, big buttons, etc.) and lay out a sheet of contact paper sticky side up. Let them choose items to stick to the contact paper to make a collage. All they have to do is drop the item on the paper! Bingo dotters and roller paints are fun and fairly mess-free too if you need a low-key place to start. Just remember that for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, it is about the process of creating, not the finished product. Then just relax and have fun!
I am TOTALLY about the process, not the product. With my old group, I did maybe 2 product-based projects a year, like a Christmas present for parents. Even then, I tried to be as hands-off as possible.

In general, I am totally about the process, not the product. I have 4 very creative children of my own, and my 10yo sons room most of the time looks like the Nutty Professor's Lab, because of all the projects in there..

I guess my issue is more with this particular group of kids. THey simply cannot be trusted to follow boundries, and every day is such a battle to just manage behaviors, that I can't get to the good stuff! Makes them sound really terrible, when they really aren't terrible. It's 4 from one family, though, so any bad behavior one has, all mimic.

I'm sorry this is so long, I think it's become a venting zone for me now!
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