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mbullette 09:22 AM 01-19-2013
As I am working on my rate increase today how much is to much? I charged per hour and families took advantage of that. Some families who said they would be coming 40 hours a week will show up for 20 if I am lucky. I am not making enough and so I need to change my rates. I have one family that their currently weekly rate comes out around $100 a week if I am lucky. With my new rates they would be pay closer to $160. I think that is a huge jump but then again I never know when he will show up. Next week he will only be here 5 hours which I just found out about this morning. She has decided to have her mom watch him and then took vacation. I had one family this past week come just Tuesday and at pick up they told me they wouldnt be back for the rest of the week because Grandma was watching her. The families just do what they want and my income is never consistent. I am working on this right now but is that a huge jump in price or should I not even worry about it? Help!!!