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tenderhearts 08:10 AM 08-24-2010
I was curious if others stay open for like Presidents Day or Veterans Day? I stay open but the last 2 years I had only1 child come and they didn't even need to come, all the other parents had it off. So I was thinking about asking in my newsletter if people would use these days to bring their child or not. Would you ask this? And if you had only 1 child coming would you close even if it's for them needing to work?

Another question and this may be stupid but recently I changed my contract to where full time is 4 + days so if they are here 4 days they are charged for 5 days. I do not charge for any days off that I take (other than 6 major Holidays) so when I take a day off would you get the daily rate by dividing it by 5 days or would you divide it by 4 days since that's what they are here? They know they pay for the 5th day. I have next friday off so I know they are going to ask so I don't want to sound like I don't know or am unsure.