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Default Food Program Income/or Not???

I'm a Michigan provider and was told by my field monitor that the reimbursement I received is NOT considered income. I was reading posts in this forum yesterday which Tom said that "yes" it is considered income. I contacted the food program this morning to clarify and they said "No" it it not considered household income. Now I'm very confused and will my tax preparer know what to do with this information?? I asked for verification paperwork and all I received was a forwarded email sent from the Field Operation Manager to the Field Monitors stating that "I spoke to Rosemary today and asked her about CACFP reimbursement being considered income. It is NOT income. CACFP is reimbursement for the cost of serving food. All caseworkers have a list of what is considered income and CACFP reimbursement is not on that list. The payments they receive from DHS for child care is considered income". Does anyone have any insite on this subject? Thanks for your help.
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