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Default Passive/Aggressive Parent

I have a dcm that is so passive agressive it drives me nuts. She always is making comments that her child says (yea right) to get a point across. This morning she dropped off and said that he was upset yesterday because she picked up too early, he didn't get a chance to play outside. Well, he comes at 11:30, we have lunch, naptime, get up, snack and by then it's nearly 4 and pickups start. Not to mention the weather was crappy yesterday, so yea, sorry we didn't get outside. I doubt very highly that he said anything about going outside. He is 4 1/2 and she treats him like a 2 year old. half the time she carries him from the car to the door, most of the time he cries when she leaves. Still has a pacifier at home. Just is one of those things that bug me. I just ignored the comment and talked to him about something different.
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