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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
Best to put it back onto her. "Oh, it was so late in the morning, I thought you had taken him out. If he arrives at eleven he missed out outdoor time. Next time you know. If you are going to come that late in the morning make sure you have some family time outdoors before coming.

If you pick up at four, we aren't outside at that time. It's so important for him to go outside so make sure you two spend some family time outside when you get home. It's really important to him."
He comes that day later because he goes to school and I know they go outside for that. I just asked him if mom asked him about going outside or if he just told her. He said she asked him lol. She drills him about his day and wonders why he has anxiety. I do say that about going outside when they get home especially in the winter. I've had a couple of parents give me comments about going outside not realizing how hard it is to get 6 kids in their winter garb to go outside only to have them complain 5 minutes later that they're cold. We do go outside in the winter, but not every day. So I ask them how often they go outside in the winter at home. Usually quiets them down quickly lol
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