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If this is what she does (crying for everything) I would not have called mom, cause she's getting the attention, why would she ever stop...I also don't agree with grownups (mom) feeding words to children, even more so when it is to blame another person

I dismiss for excessive crying, I would call for pick up.
Sorry you had to go through that
I don't think I mentioned that as she is crying and when I have walked away or am ignoring the ceying, she will say several times that she wants to go home.
This is where I struggle with whether or not to send home because that is exactly what she wants to happen. This is only the second time I have involved mom/Dad because of how long it was going on. The first time was about a year ago when she had just turned 2 and didn't really have the verbal to communicate the problem. Now she is old enough to tell me what is wrong, but just won't.
I did tell mom that I don't like to put ideas in their heads as to what the problem could be, because most of the time, kids will just agree with the suggestion.
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