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I have a 2.5 year old DCB that is this way. He has a blankie that calms him. His parents need it with him at home at times, too. He's been here for 4 months now and I've started taking it away from him when it's time for breakfast. When he did have it, my rule was that he was only allowed to keep it on a certain rug, so if he wanted to snuggle it he had to go and sit on that rug with it. If he started fussing (usually about missing Mom and Dad), I told him to go and snuggle his blanket.

I've had others go through crying phases and I created the "crying corner". If you want to cry and not give me a chance to help you work out the issue, you can go and cry in the corner by yourself. When you're ready to talk or rejoin the group, you are welcome. It took a couple of times before they figured out that they weren't going to get attention or disrupt plans by throwing a fit.

I could definitely see your struggle with what to do. I would have to be in the moment and know the child as well as read them to decide how to proceed. Good luck!!
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