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Default COVID….UGH!! Here We Go Again!!!

I know the forum has covered this and I’m re-reading but still wanted to post:

DCD has covid. I do rapid drop off/pickup at front door (parent stays outside, child walks into vestibule to me) and only one family on porch at a time so based on CDC's definition, I was not a close contact.

DCG is quarantining at home. Told DCM who just had a baby that it is urgent DCG gets a rapid test as I need to know if to inform families/close/quarantine/get tested, etc, etc. She stated she couldn’t get to testing because of newborn, sick husband etc. She is getting an at home test but it won’t arrive until next Monday. DCG has no symptoms and doctor said its best to wait until Monday anyway to get test to know for sure.

SO I'm in limbo for the next 5 days, uncertain of what to do until then. If I tell families of potential exposure now and DCG is negative I would've alarmed them unnecessarily. If I don't tell them now and she is positive that would've been 5 days since last contact we were at risk. AND with delayed testing, how do I know if she was positive while she was here or she caught it while quarantining at home?

What to do?
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