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I told parents. Several thanked me for the information, one of whom mentioned child was going to visit grandparents this weekend so they cancelled. I'm glad I told.

They keep asking for an update which I don't have because DCG has not been tested yet. DCD is quarantining outside of the home and DCM and DCG have no symptoms. I hope to hear from them before I reopen on Tuesday.

DOH told me to tell parents, remain open because we are a contact of a contact and to follow CDC's sanitizing/disinfecting guidelines. If DCG tests positive I report to DOH and follow their instructions which would most likely include closing, quarantining, testing and tracing.

I will not hesitate disclosing this information moving forward. Being honest and transparent is best which is the advice you've given me here. THANK YOU!

A resource I learned about from DOH is that positive individuals who cannot isolate at home can get free hotel quarantine stays which helps minimize spread to family members.

Thanks again!
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