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I don't know what Kaiser is, is it an insurance company or a doctors office or something different? You can't find a different doctor in the plan with better hours???

I went thru 2 pregnancies while running my daycare and only time I closed was for the "big" 20 week ultrasound. Fortunately my ob/gyn had evening hours - it was hard to get the appt's - I scheduled them as far in advance as I could and sometimes had to use their office a little further away to get the appt times I needed but I didn't have anyone who could have been my sub and I also had my own younger kids that I didn't want to have to take with me so 6pm appointments when DH was home was just the best way for me. I know its hard when you are a first time parent, but I didn't find it was that important for my DH to be there for each appointment every month. He only went to the 20 week u/s so honestly, I'd go that route if you can't get later appointments. I know for my clients opening later (like 10am) would be preferred to closing at 3ish if I absolutely had to I'd take their first appt of the day.

Good luck with your pregnancy!!! Hope you can figure it all out!
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