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IMO there is a difference between drop ins and regulars. If this child/ren is going to be at your house in the mornings on a regular schedule I'd put them on a regular contract. Now what you charge them considering it sounds like they are not full time (30 or whatever hours a week), may be at a drop-in or part-time rate.

As far as the bus ride goes, I'd call the bus garage and let them know you are a day care home and that there may be extra children getting on and/or off the bus at your home. Hopefully it's a regular schedule that would make life easier for everyone. It is the parents duty to specifically inform the school and/or bus garage what their intentions for their children are.

One other thought. You may want to get clarification, if you haven't already, where these school aged children would go on an early release day (such as closing for inclement weather). If the parents' intentions are that the child should come to your home it should be listed in their emergency packet at school at the beginning of the year.

It can be very frustrating when: the temps are in the single digits and a huge storm is coming, wind chill is <0, school decides to close at 10am, you're expecting Johnny to get off the bus at your house with your kids as his parents are at work but he doesn't get off the bus because the school sent him home as that's what the emergency sheet said to do. You are torn, do you have someone come watch your kids and rescue Johnny from the frigid dangerous weather, do you call the school and inform them that Johnny's parents are at work and he is going home to a locked house. Of course all this is after you immediately call the parents and inform them about the situation. (Personal experience)

Sorry for the tangent, but hope this helps.
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