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Default Drop Off Chaos

Here is a typical morning for me:
7:15- wake my big kids up and assist with getting out clothes, brushing hair,etc. My 2 year old likes to sleep until 8:30 ish so I try to let her sleep. All families are contracted for a 7:30 arrival. Usually one family comes between 7:35 and 7:50. I try to hold off breakfast until they get here because they have a school ager I have to get breakfast to before I send them out to the bus stop at 8. This family also has a 1 year old who screams as soon as dcd passes him to me. Obviously never know when they're coming and if they don't get here until 7:50 breakfast is seriously rushed. If I feed my kids and then the dck again, then i have a hard time getting the other dck's in the door.

Newest baby (3 months) comes around 7:40 and goes right back to sleep so I'm trying to keep my 2 kids plus the 1 year old and 5 year old dcks semi quiet because that baby and my 2 year old are sleeping.

Then as I'm getting all the school aged kids ready for the bus stop, 8month old arrives. Also loud. Not crying, just a loud babbler.

Lately I've just been putting both babies plus the 1 year old back down as soon as they get here because everyone is just so unhappy and loud and I have older kids to take care of too. But they cry for a few minutes to go to sleep and I'm so worried I seem neglectful if parents walk in and hear babies crying and I'm not comforting them. Also, I DO feel neglectful. Like I'm just putting them to bed for my own reasons and not because they need it.I'm sure the Little ones are feeding off my stress. 1 year old and 8 month old do not need a nap at this time, but 1 year old would sleep all day if I let him so he does go back to sleep and 8 month old also does go to sleep. By the time everyone has arrived and I've gotten the older kids on the bus, I'm shaky and feel sick to my stomach.

Is this typical when you have school agers and I just have to suck it up or is there something I can do better? How do you organize your arrivals so that everyone can be taken care of accordingly?
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