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I was in a similar situation with a 12 month old. For about the first month of her coming here she would scream when getting dropped off and was crying as all the other kids were getting dropped off which made it very stressful. She seemed so tired in the morning the only way she would stop crying was if I laid her down for a nap. Then it changed to where she would cry if I laid her down and the other parents would hear her crying. Now sheís better adjusted so I can wait until all the other kids get here before I lay her down. She definitely needs that morning nap. I donít have any before school kids though. I can see how that would be hectic. I would tell the parent who drops 10 minutes before the bus gets there thatís not enough time for breakfast. Or maybe that child could eat breakfast before they come. I also stopped taking kids under a year old because it was just too much for me.
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