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I would wake your big kids at 7am.Then your 2 yr old at 7:15.Everyone would eat breakfast at 7;30.I would not do a "fancy"breakfast either.I would give the late parents notice that if they are not there at 7:30 breakfast will not be served.If that is not an option their food would be set out they would eat with their coats on.I would set younger kids at table with cheerios and or toast instead of having them crying.I personally would give everyone notice that starting the NewYear no breakfast before school.All children should have eaten before arrival.Then I would feed my own children before they arrived.I did this and then served "breakfast snack"at 8;45am usually infants were asleep at that time way less hectic.I would tell the parents that studies show it is beneficial for children to eat with parents at home Good luck.
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