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First- Terminate Jr. Screamer immediately. Send home notice today, they will not be allowed back in care tomorrow.
Second- If you're done, that's completely understandable, but don't let bad parents ruin the job for you! I have been doing this for 13+ years and have had plenty of bad parents but have also had some AMAZING parents! Trust me, the good ones make it so worth it. Easier said than done, I know, but you have to make sure you are firm from the get go, NO leeway. Many parents will just keep taking a little at a time, the more you give the more they want. Once you have built a professional relationship with the family and you WANT to give a little, do so on your terms (or don't, that's up to you)
Third- If you KNOW for sure you want to leave the job (and not just the "bad" parents) Then I would give at least 2 week notice (except for Jr. Screamer, he's done) If you think you can/want to do a month to give families plenty of time, go for it, but be prepared for most to leave before that.
Fourth- IF you want to allow Jr. Screamer tomorrow and terminate face to face, see if you can get your licensor (if you're licensed), husband/friend, or a local officer to be in the house if you are afraid of physical/verbal confrontation.

I'm sorry you had such a rough year. Bad parents spoil the job, but it really is worth it if you want to keep going. DO YOU though! If you're really done, that's ok!
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