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So, I have 2 boys in my care, brothers, who I have had for going on a year now. The younger one just turned 3 and his big brother is 5.5. They are super great for me. There's some typical stuff that goes on, but really on the whole, wonderful children who are very low maintenance and a joy to be around.
There mom just informed me that she may be selling them to gypsies soon.
I guess they are being AWFUL at home, so much that she doesn't want to take the younger one anywhere. At all. Fighting, screaming, hitting, pinching, NO everything, mealtime is a mess, dumping their milk in their food, throwing food, destructive monsters.
I see non of this behavior. Zero. I am so disappointed with this news. We even went on a field trip with lots of other kids there and they were angels. She stays and watches them here and sees how they behave and she says it's just not the same children. She also mentioned that they don't act that way for their dad (intact family).
There is a new baby coming in January and mom knows this may be part of it. Also she went from being a full time SAHM to working and student, but that was over a year ago. and she says she is just happy they behave for me, grateful is the term she used.
What can I do to help her out? I gave her a book about positive discipline, but I don't know what else to do.
"Well, they don't behave that way with me" probably doesn't help much.
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