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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I don't use a form but the explanation is pretty simple. I need my full income to be able to continue to provide childcare. I can't go without a paycheck any more than my clients can. It would be rude for them to even ask me to.

Why would someone expect me to go without pay? Why do you feel they have the right to expect you to? (Rhetorical)
No one has even asked yet about payment I just want to be prepared for when it comes up or bring it up first and be like okay here is the date the spot is open and here is what you owe. Both moms have only asked if I have space and I have only answered that two spaces are opening in September that they are welcome to take over.

I kind of want it to be in writing so they have the date esp as it’s still sooo far out. I haven’t run into this yet as I’ve only aged out one so far and I had a family replace that had a flexible start date.

Like I’m thinking maybe an intent to enroll form? Something like that?
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