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Originally Posted by storybookending View Post
No one has even asked yet about payment I just want to be prepared for when it comes up or bring it up first and be like okay here is the date the spot is open and here is what you owe. Both moms have only asked if I have space and I have only answered that two spaces are opening in September that they are welcome to take over.

I kind of want it to be in writing so they have the date esp as it’s still sooo far out. I haven’t run into this yet as I’ve only aged out one so far and I had a family replace that had a flexible start date.

Like I’m thinking maybe an intent to enroll form? Something like that?
I get them to sign a regular contract, the same one they would sign if they were starting the next day. It has the contracted date on it and in ny policy it states that the deposit is non refundable if they forfit the space at any time prior to enrolling. This gives me two weeks paid time to find a replacement. You could do a month depsoit as well, whatever you think you need.

I usually only create a waitlist for families that are not my first choice. I tell them that
I will get in touch if the spot is still open.
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