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Question What Challenges Do You Face with Emergency Planning?

What are the biggest or most annoying challenges you face with regard to crisis planning, emergency preparedness, emergency plan licensure requirements, etc.? What keeps you up at night regarding tornados, violent intruders, civil unrest, etc.?

I'm about to launch a website and blog with resources to support child-based businesses in their disaster preparedness and I need a few thoughtful daycare providers to let me know what resources they need most.

In my day-job, I'm a professional emergency manager for a healthcare organization with 7000 employees. I'm also a dad to two little ones and the daycare we used had some challenges with preparing for disasters. This project is aimed to help!

I’m not selling anything and I don’t want you to sign up for anything! Any providers/owners willing to assist would have free, early access to the resources we create in return for their help.


Craig Camidge

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