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Sounds like the owner just doesn't want to be bothered. As long as there's enough warm bodies there to keep you guys in ratio...she doesn't really care what goes on during the day, plus she knows you'll pick up the slack.

I work in a center, and my director is really helpful and will take care of problems like that. But she wasn't always that way. She was more like yours, didn't really concern herself with the mundane problems of the workers, just as long as the children weren't getting hurt, the parents weren't complaining, and people showed up to work, she was fine.

What I had to do was keep bringing it up, and document. Document specific instances where things didn't go right because she didn't do her part. Discreetly photograph the room after she let the kids trash it. Let the director know that you agree she's great with the kids, but she doesn't pull her weight.

Now if she's only there maybe one out of ten days...I would just rearrange the schedule on those days....maybe make her take them outside while you fix lunch,etc. Make it as easy as possible on yourself.

But if she's there two or more days week, then I would just keep pushing...I know it makes you feel like a tattletale...but why should you do all the work and she plays with one or two kids all day?
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