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While you are there, keep the instructions going.

Tell her when she comes in: We are doing this, that and the other thing today. I will need your help assisting with this and that and something else. We will be taking a walk to the park. I will do this and you do that.

FOR Example:

Sally, you need to take the littles to the bathroom at 9am. At 9am, ask her if she's done it yet. If she hasn't, tell her to get on it that there are other activities planned and the rotation needs to get started.


Do this:

Tell her while she is doing "A", you will be doing "B".


Make a list and tell her that she needs to do what's on the list. Those are her responsibilities for the day.

As for your boss, I would write down all that she does or doesn't do and keep a tab. If you are going to have to do all the extras, I'd ask for a higher rate of pay on the days your boss isn't going to be there.
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