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You just have someone who is lazy and wants to get the most amount of money for the least amount of work. She has figured out if she comes up with words (they wanted to come inside... is PERFECT. Five words and the kids are back into the easiest deal for her with you a few feet away) she can just be there instead of actually working. She has your bosses blessing becuase that's what her boss wants too.

Her boss just wants someone to be there to meet ratios. As long as she does this TODAY she's all good. She's going to use her until something actually happens. There needs to be parent complaints that would lead to the kids being pulled, an injury, or child protective involvement. Every day that doesn't happen is a day when the boss and employee get what they want.

There's nothing you can do. You can only decide if you will work there or not. Your boss is pretty sure that you will work with her so she's not going to require the employee to do anything but show up.

She's all good. The boss is all good. That's what matters to them.
Thanks for responding Nannyde. Sometimes we are still within ratio but the owner has her come anyway (I could legally do 10 kids alone, but that's not very practical with our group). So if we have 9 or more kids, the substitute is asked to work. But I've gotten so tired of her not helping much (unless she just plain doesn't feel up to doing what this job requires, but either way, the job doesn't get done with her there), so when we can still be in ratio I've found it easier to work alone. Crazy stressful day, but less so than when she's there. I can tell the owner over and over and explain why I prefer to work alone than have her come help, but as long as there's a 2nd person there, she thinks everything is fine and leaves guilt free. She thinks I don't like working with her because we don't "get along". We get along really well as long as the job is getting done (unless the sub is telling her things I don't know about. She does like whispering with the owner like they have some big secret, while I'm busy with the kids...). But anyway, the sub is really good at looking like a really good provider when anyone else is around. Parents, owner, etc, and since the kids love her, I'm sure the parents won't ever have any complaints. Besides that, everything gets done and nothing really big happens when she's there because I'M doing it all. And even if it did, the owner would "understand" and make excuses for her. So I don't think the owner will ever hire someone else unless the sub just quits. and since she has such an easy job, I really can't see that happening! So, like you said, guess I'm stuck... unless anyone has any ideas on how to submarine the sub... I'm just kidding!

wdmmom and DBug: Thanks for your suggestions. I will try them next time and see if it makes any difference. I just feel like I'm too busy during the day to have to stop and tell her every few minutes what needs done and checking up on her to make sure she did it. But if I want any help at all, I'll have to... She's also hard of hearing, so I have to talk really loud, and even then I usually have to repeat everything before she can hear me.

I feel really really bad for not wanting to work with her. I wish I could figure something out so everyone would be happy. There's times I even wonder if I'm the problem, especially since the owner just cannot see anything wrong with her. I'm the type of person who gets along with everyone and can enjoy working with just about anyone, so this situation really bothers me!
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