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Indoorvoice 06:28 PM 01-31-2019
So I posted in another thread this week my teacher policy of charging less for teachers with the understanding that they stay home on snow days and breaks. Of course this comes back to bite me.

My middle daughter is very good friends with a school age dcg. They grew up together. Dcg attends before and after and dcb attends full time. They're a teacher family and I love them.

My 3 kids and the teacher family kids have been home all week due to the polar vortex. Today the teacher dcm texted me asking if my middle child could come to their house to play. Dcm picked up my kid for 3 hrs and dropped her off. I knew it was a bad idea.

Part of our contract states she gets reduced tuition for keeping her kids home during breaks and snow days. Well we've never had 6 snow days in a row like this. She is paid in full for this week for dcb even though they did not attend and tuition was waived for her school aged daughter since I knew school would be closed all week.

After taking my daughter today she texted me an hour after my kid was dropped off and asked if I would take both of her kids tomorrow. I should have never taken her up on watching my child today. I'm not equipped to take her school ager for a full day while my other 2 school agers are home. I usually only have her for a half hour before and a half hour after school. There is no way I will he able to keep them quiet for the babies' 2 nap times. I know I can say no per our contract but it feels wrong since she watched my child today. I hate this part of the job and I'm so tired of never getting a break. Ever. I never know the right thing to do or say and I'm just so tired of this job. Sorry for the vent in a form of a post and I don't even know what I expect you to say. I've been looking for other jobs, but no luck yet.