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Default My Terrible Little Napper

I feel like I saw a similar post, but I can't seem to find it. My daycare kiddos have been AMAZING nappers; however, my own son (now 13-months-old) is NOT. It is totally my fault. I should have sleep trained earlier.

One problem is that he probably should be napping twice a day, but he wants to do what the big kids do, and I just don't see this happening any longer.

During daycare naps he tends to wake up once and needs all the tools in my bag to get him back to sleep. This is a disaster.

Some other helpful info:
-he has already transitioned to a mat
-I picked my licensor's brain and she suggested moving him away from other kids, so he's on a mat in his giant baby jail (that we never ended up using for any other purpose). He did seem to really like this at first (it probably feels more like his crib).
-Despite all of my wishes, he is still nursing. I do try hard not to nurse him to sleep now, but I did do that for way, way too long.
-His scream is the mightiest scream of all of the screams. I am totally willing to let him cry at this point, but O.M.G. I feel terrible for the other kids, although they are currently sleeping through all of this. And, totally unintentionally, I'm realizing he has never really been left to cry about anything for very long. I thought he was going to have a literal heart attack today.
-I've been reading great sleep books, and night sleep is going better, but I'm finding daycare naps so challenging. I want my other kiddos to sleep.

Please help!
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