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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm glad you and BlackCat replied. It just reaffirms my opinion. This isn't a place for women or to discuss real issues we face. I will no longer be posting or reading here. Many of you are uneducated and it shows. Oh, you have Associates and CDAs. LOL

Very telling you are telling parents how to feel. I don't care if someone pulls out of care because they don't like the jeans I'm wearing today. I respect parents should be allowed to have opinions and choices. It makes me wonder what does on in your homes. As I said I'm done here.
Try MAed.

When did I say parents couldn't have opinions and make choices? In fact, I respected this parents rights to speak to his provider and voice his opinions?

Quite frankly, you came into this thread and called names. Take your toys and go home now because nobody wanted to play? Sounds about right.
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