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Default Appreciation on Mothers Day

I have one of the BEST DCF's. You really couldn't ask for a better family. They always pay on time, are respectful, always keep there child home when he is ill or they think he may be coming down with something.

Earlier this week the DCB had a little eye drainage, but his eyes were never red or pink. He had been sneezing alot and we kind of thought allergies. Both of us thought this. I didn't see anything that made pink eye "jump out" On Wendsay dad had morning off and he wasn't suppose to come until later in the morning. They brought him in to get him checked out and it turned out he had pink eye. Later that day my own kids looked like they were getting it too and they did. Also later that day I had to go through the other family that I watched diaper bag and I found a perscription for eye drops from over the weekend for the baby.

I started asking a few questions and the 3 year old told me that she gets drops in her eyes to get the boogers out. I had gotten a message from mom appologizing and crying for bringing pink eye in the house. I told her that it was an accident and even I didn't think it was pink eye. I also told her that when one of the kids told me that she was getting drops for boogers in the eye and it probable wasn't even them. My other family was going on vacation on Thursday and Friday and I told her that her son could still come considering my own kids have pink eye too. She called me later that night and told me that they didn't want me to have to fight with there son abou putting the drops in his eyes and they would take work off the rest of the week.

I don't charge when children are not in attendance and she has always paid me for the full week when they child is ill. She told me it would be good for me to have a long paid weekend. She just messaged me that she would stop by on Friday after work and pay me for the full week and DCB had a Mothers Day gift for me. They spoil me rotten with gifts from there son. Christmas, my birthday, my kids birthdays, valentines day, and odd appreciation gifts through out the year. I touches me that they would think of me on Mothers Day. I don't know what it is, but even if it was a hand made card for them thinking of me on Mothers Day makes me want to cry.

I also want to wish all you ladies a wonderful Mothers Day. Even if you don't have any biolgical children I want to send big hugs and thanks for all the loving, caring, that goes on in your homes every day. The work you do truely touches the hearts of the children you watch.

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