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Default Pacifier Drama

I've posted about this before and got a lot of good advice. My child's daycare does not allow pacifiers in the 3 year old room.

My child is currently in the 2 year old room. He is set to move to the 3s in 6 weeks.

He never used his pacifier during the day, but used it for naps and overnight until he was about 2.5. Daycare was periodically reminding me that he needs to be off the pacifier before he moves to the 3s, so I made an effort to take it.

One night at the beginning of a long weekend, my older son took the pacifier and threw it towards the closet. It was actually lost (I never did find it again). My 2yo was very sad, but slept and napped all 4 days of the long weekend without the pacifier.

Went back to daycare after the weekend, I told them we were done with it at home. They didn't offer it, told him it was gone at nap. I left it in his cubby for several months "just in case"'s been several months and I noticed it was still there and looking pretty gross so I took it from his cubby with the intent to throw it out, but it stayed in the console of my car until I was cleaning my car out.....annnddd my little son was helping and found it.

Now he's crying for his damn pacifier again every single night. I threw it out in front of him, so he knows it's gone. He is still insisting that it's "In the trash, inside the garage!" and he wants me to "get it out of the trash"....

I feel so guilty. I thought after several months of no pacifier, he wouldn't miss it anymore.
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