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Default Some Issues Regarding Closing Time and Breakfast!

Hi there
I have been doing home childcare for over 3 years now and have a question. How many providers out there supply breakfast?

When I started, I said if your child is here before 8AM I will supply breakfast. I have one mom (and she is VERY young and irresponsible at times) who will arrive at 8:15 or later on many mornings and has not fed the kids. I know she is up early as she is on Facebook (and a friend of mine) at like 6:30 AM, and from talking I know her youngest is awake at 6AM every day. Yet, she brings them here unfed after my 8AM deadline.

Also, one morning she proceeded to tell me that her youngest was poopy and as she said "that could explain why he did not want to sit down to put his shoes on at home" which means he was poopy at home, and she chose to leave him in a dirty diaper, force him to sit in a stroller and walk to my house which is about a 20 minute walk. I was blown away!!!

Any advice on dealing with this MOM!??? And how many of you do supply breakfast? Never has my contract mentioned breakfast was included. On another note, last summer I emailed all my parents indicating that I would be closing at 5:30 (instead of 6 as I found the day way too long) and only this one mom and her husband emailed me back whining that there was no way they could be here for 5:30 it would be more like 5:45. Well September 1st too bad. I am done catering to this one family when no one else takes advantage the way they do.

Any advice????
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