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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
I completely agree Nanny that there needs to be some accountability on the providers part....she certainly was neglectful.

I don't know that it warrants her being closed down though. Sure, a validated complaint goes in her public file for parents to check prior to enrolling children, and if there is ever another incident of neglect documented and proven, then she should be closed. Honestly though, who among us feels the temperarture of any playground equipment, every time we get ready to use it, with our bare hands AND feet? And who would ever think that the temperature of a slide would get to 163 degrees and cause burns like that? Sure, you realize they get hot, but not THAT hot.

It certainly is also the responsibility of the parks department to ensure that equipment they provide to the public, unsupervised by the parks dept. themselves, is safe for the people who are most likely to use it, and that would be small children.

I also think there needs to be some accountability on the manufactuer of the slide if there was no clear, written warning provided when the equipment was released for sale.

Sad situation. I hope the little girl fully recovers.
surprise, surprise - i agree.

i've never felt the equipment with my own kids or anyone else's. i guess i'm irresponsible.

i used to slide down metal slides when i was a kid, and they got HOT - but i'd never assume a plastic slide would be dangerously hot.

i'm glad the mom is being rational. that's what's so messed up about our world today - everyone is sue happy. my stepdad and i were talking about this the other day. kids used to play outside all day long and if they wandered off, a neighbor would call or send them home. today - let someone catch your kid on the porch while u watch them through the window and you'll be facing child neglect charges cus you weren't close enough for them to smell your breath.

plastic slides can get dangerously hot. OKAY - lesson learned.
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