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Default Daycare Withholding Information

My ex wife and I got divorced about a year ago. In the divorce order, I am required to pay her directly a certain percentage of the monthly cost of the day care given that she provides me with copies of receipts. All was ok in the begining, I was getting 4 receipts every month, then it cut back to one receipt for the whole month. I started to get an inkling that the receipts were fake. The receipts that are given to me are the basic kind you can buy anywhere that sells office supplies, so they're easy to make up. Long story short, every month the daycare costs seem to be rising and whenever I ask the daycare how much his weekly rate is, they tell me they cannot give me that information and I'm only allowed information about Tuesdays and Fridays which are the days I pick up my son. They claim they are only not telling me because my ex told them not to share any information with me regarding payment. Sounds fishy right? I've told them numerous times that I feel that they are taking her side by not providing me with this information and they insist they are doing nothing wrong. They do not want to tell me anything about the payment history, I had to ask them for 4 months for his attendance records, it's a never ending story with them.

My point is, can they legally withhold this information from me? I live in Florida where there is no "primary" and "secondary" parent so shouldn't we both be required to sign paperwork and have any information requested regarding our child?
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