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I have to disagree guys.

If he's court ordered to pay a percentage of child care costs, he's entitled to see what he's paying a percentage of, hours included, and be notified of any rate increases.

OP - if you are skeptical or are getting no reasonable explanation of the monthly increases I would get a mediator involved. While you may not have any right to alter the childcare agreement since you're not the one who contracted for care you should have a right to anything involving your direct and court ordered involvement - ie. the expense of the services provided and time being used.

They cannot legally just throw any number they want at you and just expect you to fork over whatever they want with zero explanation.

If the provider is telling you she won't even tell you what the basic rate is something ridiculous is going on without a doubt. That's not right. If something fishy is uncovered I'd not only hold mom accountable and get your money back but make sure your child gets set up with a new, honest and unbiased provider.
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