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Thanks for the replies. I can honestly see both sides of the deal here. While I understand my ex is the one who signed the enrollment paperwork, would the same issue apply if we were married? I feel that the main issue here is that since we're not married anymore, they dont want to get inthe middle. But are they not getting in the middle when they call her to report when I come to pick up my child on days I'm supposed to have him? This particular daycare doesn't even enforce their sign in/out policy!

Just to give you guys more info, after some prodding I was able to get a copy of the contact my ex signed and my son's attendance records. And according to my calculations, last month should have been $300 and I received a receipt for $570. Since school had 2 weeks off for the holidays, the daycare charged extra for the 2 weeks to cover field trip costs and such. Had he actually gone to school those 2 weeks, the monthly rate would have been $570, but his attendance records prove he never went to school those 2 weeks so that just proves to me that the receipts I'm getting are fake. Now, I understand that is not the school's issue that I'm being provided with fake receipts, I'm not asking them to keep track of my percentage all I want to know is how much the previous month was and no one can seem to tell me that. Why? Because my ex told them not to becuase of the obvious scheme she's trying to pull.

They have a copy of our divorce order where it states that I'm supposed to pay a percentage of the monthly daycare costs, shouldn't that be enough for them to disclose this information to me? I'd love to hear back.
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