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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

They have a copy of our divorce order where it states that I'm supposed to pay a percentage of the monthly daycare costs, shouldn't that be enough for them to disclose this information to me? I'd love to hear back.


But what would be more important would be something in writing stating this providers regular rate AND a copy of her policies. Even if provider is in direct contact with you she could shoot you some bunk number just like mom may be doing and still have you paying a larger percentage of the bill than you should be.

Does this provider have a website you could look up and view her policies? Or a publically listed phone number so you can have someone call posing as a potential new family and ask what her rates are? Maybe ask some questions about her holiday/vacation/sick policies so it's clear whether she charges regardless of attendance or not? If she tells your caller that her rate is $3/hour or $130/week or whatever and she doesn't charge for time a child isn't scheduled and then mom proceeds to charge you much much more than that it would definitely be grounds to take her back to mediation/court.

Would be tantamount to fraud on both their parts otherwise. I would think they could both get in lots of trouble for trying to pull something like that.
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