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Unhappy Advice Needed.....Before My Head Explodes

advice needed.....before my head explodes

hello everyone,

I currently take care of two children. I have them 3 and a half days a week. tues. wed. thurs. 7:30 (or whenever the parents leave they like to stay for 20 minutes every morning, which I hate) till 5 and then fridays 630-11-30. Originally I was searching for two full time kiddos. I ended up taking the two girls these time frames for a flat rate of 150 a week.

the parents wanted a pay change after enrolling their youngest child into a playschool/preschool 3 of the days.

I said no, my pay will remain the same. The 150 is for the two spots in my home. I still had to be available at all times in case the girls school called. so I couldn't take any additional children, I only have 2 spots in my car. ( I transport my two boys to/from school) and I also take the oldest daughter to and from school with mine eveyday AND biggest point was that the difference in hours of having her equalled out in the gas and milage on my car. 60 miles a week.

We have kept it as it is.......

until now?????????? Their oldest daughter has minor issues and the school and parents feel she should be in kindergarten full days now. meaning I will have her 1 hour in the am and then 2 hours in the pm.( a total difference of 11.5 hrs a week)

***** Might i just add that the change will take place next week and the parents havent mentioned it to me, I only know now, because her teacher asked if i was still going to be doing all the pickups and dropoffs.*****

Should I change the pay, or argue that the spots in my home are still taken leaving me unable to care for additional children?

and would you change the FLAT RATE to a per hour charge? I am just so confused... had I known that these parents would want to make so many changes I wouldn't have taken these girls into my care.

aside from the everyday headaches of their not allowing me to go anywhere with their children(fieldtrips, errands or outings)
their staying at my house for 20 minutes or more every morning.
not being respectful and quite for my two boys who are still sleeping,
and failure to remove their shoes.

I just need some SERIOUS advice...thank you to all in advance..

and yes I am a constant user of this web forum, but as of late....I somtimes feel like the parents are checking up on me, hence why tonight I am posting as unregistered.
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