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originally I was looking for two full time children, because my two require so much help with homework and we are very close I wanted to ensure enough attention to go around. But when this mom came to me offering the hours that she had I was like.....ok this could work. I was charging 170 for the summer rate. a total of 34 hours.

this isn't anything that I have done before (childcare) so I was kinda flying by the seat of my pants.

we discussed how much when school started. she accepted.
then came summer and she didn't want me to go anywhere with her children so my boys kinda suffered... no play dates with friends or other local dc parents. we stayed here for the whole two months.

school has only been in session for about three weeks. so far one attempt at them wanting to change the pay and now this issue, (but they haven't said anything yet)

I drive my boys to school with her daughter. then I hang here with her other daughter and wait for the school bus to drop off at 11:30. then I have to go get my boys at 3:00.

If this schedule change happens.. I am still unable to take on more children due to the space in my care. I drive my children, as the bus ride is 45 min. They school is only 7 minutes down the road.

That's why I feel like they are still taking the two spots in my home for her girls regardless of hours. If her daughter gets set home...i take her. If shool is out early......i take her...if there is a delay....i have her.
So i am available for those hours.

SHE has done all the math on her end and is telling me that I get 3/hr for her youngest and 2/hr for her oldest.

If I lower the rate, which she feels is by 20 dollars, I would be getting 130 a week. would I still be reasonable of me to charge for every additional hour after that? If I have a snow day or early release or just plain more hours.. She seems to want to nickle and dime I guess i could do it back.

I always thought that going into this I would have the say in what the amount would be. Period and that it was my way or nothing. But I guess I am a little on the pushover side....

I just can't plan for paying my flippin bills if they want to keep changing stuff. UGGGGG
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