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I do preschool activities with my group (but I also homeschool), which consists of the usual ABC's, 123's. But I agree, it has gotten a little out of control in regards to parent expectations.
What I think is funny about this, is how licensing/government is now pushing it, at least in my state.
I'm on the grant committee for Think Small in my state and our priorities for this year's grants have changed so much from the past priorities. The big push now is getting all providers to use Assessment Tools.

The breakdown of allotted money for FCC is a bit skewed too:
2015/2016 Family Child Care - $1100 Maximum total for all grant types

$300 Physical Health and Well-being
$200 Teaching and Relationships
$100 Assessing of Child Progress
$500 Professional Development

So, they want us to put more emphasis on getting degrees & Assessments, rather than larger purchases in safety & the equipment that gets used daily (Physical Health & Well- Being). In the past, "Professional Development" has maxed out at no more than $300 for my county and usually geared towards the basic continuing education requirements. "Assessing of Child Progress" is new this year and licensing has been emailing nearly every provider pushing Assessments like POCET, The Ounce Scale and Brigance.
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