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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am a non custodial parent. My ex and I are back in court on a child support revision and the one thing that has me very concerned is her refusal to provide my child's daycare schedule to me. I have reason to believe that she is having the daycare center falsify records to bill me for more time, for either non work related daycare and for days that the child is in the care of grandparents or stepdad and not at the daycare. She gets very weird when I ask for the attendence schedule and says I have no right to that information....but I can't help but wonder, why would she care about providing the schedule to me unless she is falsifying the records to get more money?
It sounds like you may be asking the wrong questions. It is possible that your childs daycare does not attach attendance to tuition rate; like many of us.

** Flat rate tuition is common place as it provides the most stable income for small providers. **

The information you want is your contracted tuition rate, not attendance schedule. You should have that information on your copy of the signed childcare contract if you also have contracted for services with the same provider.

Requesting a childs attendance schedule during the other parents time may imply that you intend to micromanage the other parents lifestyle or use that information to somehow become high conflict. While most likely not true in your case, you'd be shocked at how many times this situation comes into play.
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