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Default Need for Funding

Good day!
My name is livingstone mosha from Tanzania and i also have a daycare center. I was born in the poor background family due to this fact I had to take a move and mold the future of my life and community. Therefore I had to train myself on various entrepreneurship skills. with a dynamic and tangible experience i acquired it facilitated a connection between my academic pursuit and dealing with life real time challenges. Arusha a noisy
,chaotic,crowded and a busy town i have seen and witnessed death and torture of young and Innocent children by mean housemaids although the presence of the police force the problem prevailed in most areas of east Africa. However I saw this as a challenge which could also be transformed to opportunity. Through research and analysis I found that most parents worried leaving their children with housemaids as it never felt safe. Therefore I came up with an idea of starting a children daycare service in my locality. But as change maker i face the problem of lack of fund. I would like to have ways that i could fund up the daycare. Many parents who i support come from single parented families i am dedicated to help them while they pay less than one dollar per day as their income could favour them. I'll be glad hearing from you soon.
Thanks Livingstone
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