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Default Should pay for services that are not provided

Originally Posted by Mike View Post
A lot of people don't understand how business works. The hours we are doing something for them is our only working hours.

In my reno business, I sometimes work by the hour. I learned long ago that even if I know what materials I will need for the day, don't get that, then go to work. Go to the job site first, then go back out to get materials. I've even had cases where I ran out to get materials in the middle of the day, and at the end of the day, they would say I only worked 7 hours because I was gone for an hour.
I totally get that in your line of work you should be paid when you are retrieving supplies for the job, because you are providing a service during those hours. You wouldn’t expect to be paid for that time if you were shopping for your self during that time should you?

However for a business that provides services such as child care: they should not charge you for days/time when they are not providing a service. They should plan ahead for this and charge appropriately throughout the year to cover expenses such as closed hours doing administrative items, holidays, and anticipation average of days closed annually. If nothing more than for perception.

If I pay for a month of internet and there is a problem where it doesn’t work I’m credit for time as long it the problem is on the service providers end.
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