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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
Haha...again, I'm a little old school, but the consequence would have been more than a reprimand.

I've only spanked my(now grown) kids less than a handful of times, but THAT would have been one of those times. Over the knee, hand stinging, spanking.
Violence may not be the answer to violence, but that is some serious S***.

Friend or no friend, you have a right to be angry. It's YOUR BABY! Please, stop worrying about hurting your "friends" feelings and tell her straight out that it WILL NOT happen again. Ever. SHE needs to make sure of that. Dang girl, I'm really mad for you here!

I agree with Heidi. You need to be the advocate for your baby. Do you think dcm would be so flippant if it was the other way around? No way!
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