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Originally Posted by MissAnn View Post
I will close if I get a job. I have a very good lead right now so it could be in afew weeks....I will give 2 weeks notice. I feel horrible about this.
I understand feeling bad but you DID hold the space already.

You may or may not have to close in 2 weeks, 3 weeks and/or 4 or more weeks.... but until you DO have to give notice, you held the space. You didn't hold it with the assumption that it would be available forever... you simply held it until summer was over and they return to care....which they ARE doing.

You just happen to have additional info about what WILL happen(closing) but not necessarily WHEN it will happen so I would continue on my merry way until I have to give notice...kwim?

I just feel like I wouldn't act on emotions (although I DO understand feeling bad about this...) but put the shoe on the other foot. If any of your families were not planning to stay until they age out, they more than likely wouldn't tell you until they HAD to. i.e. Do what's best for YOU.

Hoping that makes sense...
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