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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I haVe non problem with the daycare being closed on Holidays but it's not fair to charge a parent for a week of daycare of the child is not there aT all that week and it's not fair to assume all parents get holidaY pay! HolidaY pay is not federally mandatory and not all parents get paid for taT time off and some parents are self employed once again not getting extra paY for time off. I worked at a nursing home taT did not give is any holiday pay benefits so why should I have to pay for services I didn't receive. My child was not in daycare for two whole weeks yet in have to pay them. For what? No services were rendered during those two weeks .
You probably have a car payment. So I am going to assume that if for some reason you broke your leg and couldn't drive for 6 weeks, that you will be calling the lien holder and crying about how it's not fair you have to pay the monthly payment when you can't drive the car.......

Things happen. You still have to pay for your car.
Things happen. You still have to pay your daycare provider.
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