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Thank you so much for your responses. He is 4 (5 in Dec.). Has some cognitive and communication issues, and serious separation anxiety. I can't leave the room without him getting anxious. He is anxious and very sensitive but most people don't see that as he hides these things by being very social and charming. He is fine one minute and then the next is having an episode of hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing things, etc. wanting Mommy. We are up front with the providers and more than willing to work on this, but traditional daycares aren't set up for this kind of behavior, and can't spend the time needed to bring him down. All the providers loved him (he was at one for 2 years), and felt really bad, but could not keep is a safety issue for the other clients and the providers. He interacts well with others unless he is in an episode, and we have not been able to identify any triggers other than "I want my Mommy". We hope to get him into some testing to identify the issues, but unfortunately his primary care physician has closed her practice and so we must find a new Dr. so that he can be referred to the specialties.
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