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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
That is what is happening here in my state.

In order to participate with the star rating program you HAVE to accept state assistance.

If you choose not to accept state assistance or not participate with the star rating program then guess who's name, contact info etc are not listed near the top of the referral lists?

Guess which programs do not qualify for grants, special or free trainings etc?

So basically you CAN choose to operate on your own without the mighty government hand reaching in and regulating you.....but you are, in an essence "blackballed" and no longer viewed as a "sought-after" program and we all know how parents are when it comes to keeping up with the Jones's and wanting to get into the "best" program in town.
It is basically like that here. I can (and will) remain legally unlicensed. But I am not listed on any registry. I also can't take part in the food program even if I wanted to. I find that wrong. Wrong, because as PP stated parents should have the choice, and having the choice should come with having all the info, such as a full list of providers. Of course some parents may make a bad choice, but I guess that is their right as a parent just as much as it is some people's bad choice to become a parent.
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