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Originally Posted by Annalee View Post
unlicensed here are allowed to be on the food program.....ironically in 6 counties, my food program lady has 42 unlicensed and 8 licensed...and the majority of the unlicensed are counting children as related when they are not so they are keeping as many children as I do....

BTW: My food sponsor turned these providers in and her bosses told her "they needed the count" just like BC has said "IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY"
I do find that wrong. In my county, there were two licensed homes last I knew, because the gal that does it won't license us unless we meet center regs. She flat out told me "I want all daycare homes and centers to operate the same". So we are all unlicensed. But I feel that all unlicensed homes should follow the rules also. I know many unlicensed providers here are over ratio. I try not to worry about it. I mean the parents KNOW that, they would have to when they walk in and see a whole house full of kids. I can't keep a house full and provide quality care, so I don't do that. But in the end the parents have to decide what they want I guess. Sadly in my area usually they choose cheap.
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