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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
At some point, it is to much big brother. A small group of people with to much power telling the rest of us what to do. How does a doctor who smokes tell a patient to quit? Way back when I used to smoke my doctor would smoke in his office with the door open where I could see, and told me to quit. Yeah okay! How does someone smoking outside in a yard when daycare kids are not there harm the children? It doesn't! How does a truck driver being at the regular legal limit in his own personal vehicle put anyone else at more harm than if you or I did it? It doesn't. Now DH and I don't smoke or drink anymore so it doesn't really affect us, but it is the principal of to much big brother that bothers me.

I suggest you do some research.

I am out.

I recognize, understand and accept that I have choices.

I CHOOSE not to complain about it and do one of two things;

Accept and live by the rules I am given or I lobby/fight to change them.

If you can think of another PRODUCTIVE solution, I'll gladly continue this conversation but until then, big brother doesn't really care if it bothers you or not.
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