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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
And that's why I don't even allow friends to smoke on my property. I've already had enough 2nd and 3rd hand smoke, and related toxins, in my life.
It's somewhat unavoidable in almost every other environment though. For example, I just finished working in a call center for the last two years. You can't prevent the employee, who has just returned from having a cigarette on their break, from sitting next to you. You can't tell someone on the bus not to sit next to you. Or the person standing line ahead or behind you. Or what about the daycare parent, who smokes, and picks up or drops off their child while smelling strongly of cigarettes? Are you going to deny them access? Term them?

I don't smoke and I also have an allergy to tobacco. I don't think that I can adequately describe how much I wish that I could always avoid cigarette smoke, but the reality is that I can't, so I'm not going to try other than not allowing smoking ever in my home, and only allowing smoking outside during non-daycare hours.
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