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Originally Posted by debbiedoeszip View Post
Well, studies have shown that second hand smoke is harmful so I have no argument there. My question is where is the line drawn and why are the rules seemingly punitive and overly restrictive. For example, my mother can't smoke anywhere on our property even when daycare is not in session, but my neighbour can smoke in his backyard on the other side of the fence where the daycare kids are actually playing and that's totally fine. It just seems nonsensical to require that my property (not just home; nobody EVER smokes in my home unless they are asking to be thrown out permanently) be completely smoke free ALWAYS while it's perfectly ok for the kids to playing in a cloud of cigarette smoke generated by my neighbours.
Not sure if the state should draw the line or not on cigarette smoke....but similarly, my neighbor walks his dog regularly....and one day while doing so he ventured into my drive while licensing was here....i was informed if the neighbor's dog left feces in my yard, I was to blame so I ASSUME if the neighbor has cigarette smoke coming into my yard I would be to blame....or at least would be expected to take the kids inside to avoid the smoke....not saying this is fair, but when being regulated by the state, their rules trump how I feel personally about the issue ????
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